Being an adult

Children are a competitive bunch just like some adults. But when an adult loses in a game, be it football or any other teams sports, he might say something along the lines ‘Well, they were much better than us’. Or there might be another reason for the loss, for example ‘John didn’t really pull his weight on the right flank’ or ‘Peter missed a crucial penalty’.

What you will never hear from an adult is ‘Josh was not playing at all! He was walking around pretending to be a dinosaur’.

As much as I feel for Yuli’s frustration losing 1:8 due to the extinct reptile impersonation by her classmate I can’t stop thinking that childrens’ lives must be so much more fun than ours. We really have to handpick our moments when we can allow ourselves to act silly in public without causing embarassment to our family or endangering our reputations or even careers.

No, I am not going to put on an animal show tomorrow. I still need to wait some time before my dance moves are forgotten from the last drinks at work.

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