The Tim Ferris Show

Recently I started listening to a podcast ‘The Tim Ferris Show’. Tim Ferris is a known figure on the ‘self improvement’ scene and wrote a few books on the subjects of productivity and self organisation which are quite succesfull. I haven’t read them myself though so can’t recommend yet.

In his podcasts he interviews people who achieved a very high level of success in their respective fields. He examines their life story, books they read, their daily habits and routines trying to figure out the fine details which helped them in their accomplishments. The interviews are long, some are more than two hours, but they make a good listen for times when your brain is not at its 100% capacity. Gym is my favourite Tim Ferris podcast place. There is a lot of banter and smalltalk so the information isnt’t dumped on you as a concetrated narrative but rather trickles down as little drops of interesting facts, tips and thoughts.

One of the best ones so far was an interview with Luis von Ahn the creator of Duolingo and reCAPCHA. Just listening to the guy’s story is very inspiring and the idea of reCAPTCHA (digitalizing books while recognising humans from bots) literally blew my mind. Obviously not only mine. Google bought his company for a silly amount of dollars.

Admittedly not all of the interviews impressed me as much as this one. Some interviewees such as Seth Godin just weren’t my cup of tea. But even the less interesting ones expose you to books, blogs, films and people you might have never encountered by yourself. I heard a new term recently: Information DJ. It is a person sho sifts through masses of data pulling out and bringing to you gems worth exploring. I am using this podcast as my Information DJ and it’s doing the job very well.

The podcast is available on Spotify. Highly recommended!

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